Marketing Operations Manager at eDriving LLC

Due to my proven proficiency with organization, problem solving and foresight, I was promoted to become the Marketing Operations Manager. This migrated my primary responsibilities to focus on our big marketing tool implementations. I became a critical team-member in researching, scoping and choosing each of the marketing tools our department adopted. Served as point of contact both internally and externally, managing timelines, trainings, meetings and more.

Lead on implementation, structure, strategy and initial optimization for the Kenshoo Bid Management Platform. This included:

  • Campaign to Profile assignment based on future portfolio bidding strategies, allowing for maximum options within related performance groupings.
  • Conversion tracking analysis, cross comparing the Kenshoo Pixel’s with the Search Engine Pixel’s.
  • Designing labeling techniques to apply to hundreds of thousands of keywords in order to have a cross dimension of “Theme”, this allowed us access to new insights that our Campaign structure did not provide.
  • Designing the structure for reporting ongoing performance for executive review, a template that also empowered deeper dives.

Lead on implementation of Revenue Net of COGS (RNC) reporting.

  • This was a new internal tracking method that we created and adopted as a means of being able to track contribution margin dollars, instead of simply gross revenue.
  • The RNC tracking method empowered us to start optimizing for the bottom line and to have clearer insights into improving profitability.

Lead on PPC ad testing and optimization using the Adalysis platform.

  • Managed PPC ad testing and optimization using the Adalysis platform resulting in average monthly performance increases of $7,000 revenue and $6,000 profit for 5 months in a row.

Lead on implementation, strategy and on-boarding of Google Analytics Premium via AnalyticsPros.

Co-lead on strategy & structure of Marketo implementation, with special focus on Lead Scoring design.