Loren Baker:
Currently: Co-Founder, Foundation Digital.

Was: My Employer at BlueGlass Interactive Inc.

I had the privilege of working with Justin Stein for a year at BlueGlass where he served as an Intern and SEO Analyst. Justin routinely applied a sense of resilience, solid work ethic and most importantly honest enthusiasm to every task he was given. If Justin was not given a set process to obtain an end goal, he would take it upon himself to do the research and make it happen. He also brought an unparalleled excitement to every work day in the office and was a pleasure to be around. 


Edwina Goodwin

Subject Leader for Enterprise/Programme Leader/Senior Lecturer at De Montfort University, Leicester Business School

I have known Justin for 4 years as his lecturer, Tutor and Mentor at Leicester Business School, De Montfort University, Leicester, England LE1 9BH

Some of the modules I taught Justin were very creatively challenging and entrepreneurial and demanded working under considerable time pressure, both on individual assignments and group work.

Justin always rose to the occasion and approached all his tasks with diligent effort and enthusiasm.

He has a searching desire to learn, and improve, which is very refreshing.

Justin is a thinker and brings some good ideas to the table: he worked well in a team, showing some good leadership skills

He is conscientious and reliable, and has a mature approach to all he does.

He was a pleasure to teach and I wish him well!


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