7 Themes of #DF12Gamification

With JP RangaswamiSalesForce Chief Scientist

Before the themes, we should discuss what Gamification is and isn’t

Salesforce regards Gamification as an engagement tool and defines it as:

“The use of game design techniques, game thinking, and game mechanics to enhance non-game contexts.”

“This type of gaming convention is familiar to the new generation of workers, most of which are digital natives who, even if they’re not gamers, have dealt with game mechanics in social media and other aspects of their lives.” – JP Rangaswami

 Gamification is not:

  • A cure for a bad product anymore, like adding lipstick to a pig to make it beautiful. Gamification will only work to enhance a product or service—it will not fix it.
  • Making games! This is important to understand: You are not making a game. Zenga Facebook Apps are not considered gamification; they are social games.

1. Rethink Gamification as Engagement


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