Allow me to give a brief overview of my background:

I am one of the first, Second Generation Online Marketeer. My Father Jonah Stein is a literal giant with the industry who has taught me much growing up and still serves as a mentor but I’m happy to say just as often seeks my consult.

My true entry into the industry began when I had the honor to work for BlueGlass Interactive for a year, working for industry leaders like Dave Synder, Greg Boser & Loren Baker. At BlueGlass I got my foundation education in SEO, Content Marketing, Content Syndication and I’m proud to say I was a critical member of the initial CopyPress launch team. This was between August 2010 and July 2011.

After-which I went back to university to finish my BA degree in Business Management & Enterprise, graduating from De Montfort University in August 2012.

Starting January 2013, I began to learn & practice PPC strategy and management techniques from George Revutsky and the ROIworks team. After my initial internship I was hired on full time and proceeded to both manage bids and clients for my time with ROIworks.

Next, in June 2015, I joined the eDriving team and got the chance to develop deeper tactics and strategy working in house. I loved it there and they loved me, very much. I departed to do a bunch of traveling and a bit of soul searching, which led to me seeing 10 countries, 3 continents and 5 states across the last 5 months of 2017.

Now I am considering what I’d like to do next.


This site is set-up to showcase my professional life. On it you will find details of my education, work history, achievements and online publication. Additionally recommendations from colleagues, mentors and employers and a small blog that hosts some of my self published work.

Hope you enjoy.

My Graduation from De Montfort University